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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Solon Yates 5K

Garmin time 32:56 but for 3.36 miles

Chip time: 32:52:60 10:36 pace age group 13/23

The alarm went off at 6:30am, nothing hurts but I snooze it and went back to sleep, woke up again at 7:46 and for some reason thought about a special little boy that is battling an illness and there was no reason not to run the race just because of the heat. So decision is made am running the race, 40 mins before race start and am still in bed, jumped out of bed and got ready, wore my brooks skort and a plain grey tee, need to do laundry, grab a mini fig bar, put on sun screen and out the door, probably the fastest I have every gotten ready for a race. Had the form all filled out but never got a chance to mail it in, so added the $20, got tee shirt, ran back to the car, attached chip to shoe and had a whole 5 mins to spare, did some quick stretches during the opening speeches and we were off. Boy was it hurt and I forgot my hat.
The water at the half way point was warm since the kids were having a hard time, since the ice kept on melting, it was hot and there was no shade, there is slight up and down hill but they were irrelevant due to the heat, a wonderful gentleman spray us with water from his garden hose at about mile 2 and that was wonderful. I ran most of mile 2 with a little kid(later found out he is 9 years old and decide to run the race at the last minute with regular shoes). I had some pain in my left leg/butt quite a reminder that thinks are not better yet but was able to pass 3 people at the last 200 meters so was very proud of that. I am very happy I got up to run this race since it ended up being dedicated in prayer to a very special kid and his family.

M1 9:43 159BPM
M2 10:02 165BPM
M3 10:01 164BPM
M4(0.36) 8:51 172BPM

Got back home shower and got ready for the 11:15 church morning service, did I mention today is a hot day.

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