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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Run 4 Research 10K

Garmin Time: 1:06:09 Goal was 1:00:00 but I didn't realize it was a trail run.

This was taken off of the program;

"NEWBEginning is a 501c3 organization which educates adolescents and young adult (AYAs) about cancer. NEWBEginning was formed in honor of Jeff "NEWBE" Newbauer, Jr., a Twinsburg resident who lost his battle with cancer in 2006 after completing a "Cancer Sucks" Ballpark Tour of 26 out of the30 MLB parks."

Woke up at 5:30am courtesy of my husband, he always assume since he can't sleep I should be awake too. Finally rolled out of bed at 6:30am to get something to eat, had my usual peanut butter on cinnamon raisin bagel. For the race wore my Protect this house top and Danskin running skirt and my life is good baseball cap. Shoe was hurricane + balega socks, still not sure am crazy about the sock.

Got to the park at 7:30am and picke up number and course map, was happy to see that it was going to be on the trail but I had the wrong shoe, oh well, too late now. Race started at 8am maybe 30 people for the 10K and the 5k was started later at 8:30am.

The trail was well marked except in some places, so I had to stop and look around for which trail to go and there was a section that I completely went off the route, I guess I was suppose to turnaround at the rail road track but didn't see a sign so kept on going but later stopped and looked around and look through the map. Quite a bit of people got lost in the woods, I think some won't have done it if they knew they were going in the woods and more may have showed up if they knew.

There was plenty of water and volunteer's along the route but not really on the trail but for a first 10k they did a really good job and at the end after talking to 2 of the organizers who are not even runners, I volunteer to be on the committee for next years race to help mark the course and hopefully get more runners out.

M1: 9:53 158BPM
M2: 10:46 161BPM
M3: 11:05 170BPM
M4: 10:54 169BPM
M5: 10:53 168BPM
M6: 11:38 167BPM

My legs held up okay, still some pain in the left leg but much much better.

Did podfitness stress with Chris Kluge when I got back home.

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