Miles to Health

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Went out and hang with the big kids for Hill Repeats at North Chagrin Reservation, this is a new hill location for me which made the previous one look like a bump, holy crap but we did great, I had great company in Kate and Amy, we took out time getting it done. There is a long loop (1.5+) and a short loop (1+), both having nasty hills just distance difference.

So happy to be done, but had to say it felt great even those I was dying on the hills I was so happy to have no hip or heel pain just the usual huffing and puffing.

I accidentally turn of my garmin somewhere but according to Amy and Kate's we did 8 miles in 2 hours, that 3 loops of each.

After getting a quick bite since I was staving, got in Cathe Ripped with Hiit Low Impact Workout #1 + Abs #1 then a 5 mins yoga for my back since it was sore from all the climbing.

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