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Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year, stayed home catching up on work and promptly went to bed after the ball dropped and a glass of champagne.  

First run of the year, done, met up with team Marathon for their annual New Year's Day run, this normally takes place at someone's house but today they got a suite an the Hampton Inn in Solon and we took off from there for an hour run. This is another hilly course but just a gradual incline, it was very cold and the 20mph wind wasn't helping. My legs started out very heavy hum I wonder why am sure it had nothing to do with hanging with Coach Troy yesterday.

When we turned around I felt so much better and was able to pick up the pace for a respectable base pace average, despite the wind being quite strong.

Got back home after spending another hour or so with the team going over the plans and races for 2016, I really was in no mood to do Cathe Ripped With HIIT Upper Body Circuit which the scheduled called for but felt it wasn't a good start to a new year to skip a scheduled workout so went down to the basement and did the time saver premix which reduced the workout to 33 mins from 46 mins with every upper body worked with cardio blast thrown in, glad I got it done.

Here is to a great and injury free 2016 . Cheers

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