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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Oh the joy of living in Ohio, yesterday was 50+ degrees with occasional rain  but none the less very beautiful day for January in Ohio, while running yesterday there were lots of people out biking and fishing, today by noon we had dropped to 30 degrees, winds @ 30mph with blowing snow, barely going to make it out of the 20s all week, oh well it was fun while it lasted.

Woke up today, with minimal stiffness, some sore around my left ankle/foot as expected but overall not too bad. Got out of bed and did 40mins of spinning using iCycle been awhile since I did one of this, fun as usual with Keith, could feel the lactic acid in the legs but the ride felt great, afterwards tried a new to me yin  yoga with Sufey, I like the practice but the chatter at the beginning was too long and normally I don't care for music during for some reason I didn't mind her singing, it seems to go with the practice. I love the pigeon against the wall, could really feel the butt muscle, but felt so much better when done.

Wasn't sure if doing 21miles yesterday was a good idea but I feel great today except for some minor aches and pain, now to add back working on nutrition to get the weight down.

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