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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Art Moore Fat Ass 50k (Not quite)

I really wasn't sure what my body can do at this race but I went back and forth trying to decide to go or not go, another thing was that I know I was going to be doing this mainly by myself, most people going so far were faster than me, or do 100 mile runs so that was another issue.

Since part of my goals for this year is to get outside my comfort zone and meet more people, I decided to pull out the big girl panty and go for it, 7:30am start that wasn't happening.

For those of you that do not know what a Fat Ass is here is some history from Trail and Ultra Running or definition here from Cool Running but the general idea is "No Fees, No Awards, No Aid, No Wimps". Although Joe the organizer for this one is such a great guy, he did put out aid and direction signs, you really can do whatever you want, mileage and time is recorded just to show who showed up and this particular one dates back to 1990, and Art Moore himself was around today for the race but I didn't see him.

Got to the race site about 8:30, it was pouring rain when I left the house but it stopped when I got to the meetup site, the course direction is to go 7 miles to the right turnaround and then 8.5 miles to the left, I needed at least 16miles and knew going to the right was not going to be a great idea since I am not sure if I will want to go any further once I get back to my car and there was also that chance of running it faster than necessary, so I headed off to the left to do 17 miles. This is a beautiful park Rocky River Reservation, not one I come to even thou it is only 40 mins from me, not really sure why since it will be the same distance to the Cuyahoga National Park, running along the Rocky River for most of my run.

After the 17miles, even thou I felt fine my pace was slowing and I decided there was no reason to do a 50k today, I just was not trained for it and even thou I can finish it will be a quantity run not a quality one since I will be switching to a run walk so after some deliberation with myself decided to do 20 miles but then I had this feeling like it will feel like I hit the wall at 20 so decided to make it 21miles, leaving 10 out there.

The weather was beautiful slightly over dress, I felt great, body responded since this was the longest miles since October and with 1 week off during the holidays and holiday weight gain hanging on, I am happy I got out and got it done. Yeah Me.

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