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Thursday, January 7, 2016

No more talking about sleep but I know it is getting better, funny that all the podcast I listened to today all talked about the importance of sleep, considering the fact that I listen to a variety of podcast with 99% having nothing to do with health and fitness.

Finally beginning to see the needle move in the right direction to get rid of the holiday weight, so on to today's workout. Cathe Ripped with Hiit Lower Body Circuit, I think am enjoying the timesaver workouts more since I can go heavier or push a lot harder because the workouts are short.

I debate if I have enough time to get my run in but know I probably will not to it after work, unless I find someone to run with, so even thou I will be later than I want for work , I decided to do the run anyway.I picked Runerval 1.0, am not sure Coach understand what what an easy workout is but this is one of my favorite and since I know what my training pace are I know what to do and not ramp up like Coach says but follow the guideline of what he is doing.

6 mins warmup - stayed at base pace 5.4-5.5mph
3x1mins/1 mins recovery - Marathon pace 6.2mph/2% grade with recovery at 5.5mph/2%grade
2mins recovery @ 3mph to towel down then back to 5.5mph
3x1mins/1mins recovery - Half Marathon Pace 6.4mph/2% grade with recovery at 5.5mph/2% grade
2mins recovery @ 3mph to towel down then back to 5.5mph
2x45secs/45secs recovery - HM pace 6.4%/3% grade with recovery at 5.5%/1% grade
Cool down to 35 mins, even thou the cover says 45mins it is only 36mins, written program shows more than what was done. This is another great workout and I wish Coach will do some newer workout instead of just new spinervals only, with the new spin bike and putting my bike on the trainer I should be able to start getting back into spinervals also.

Great start to the year.

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