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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Great night sleep last night and I woke up only 30 mins before my alarm had to go off, but then my body/brain had this reasoning of missing 30  mins of sleep so getting out of bed didn't happen as should have been but making progress.

My spin bike came in yesterday and I just had to put it together so as to be able to use it today, it ended up being a great deal, it did get lots of great review on Amazon and the price was very good considering, I have had the original Johnny G Bike for over 10 years now and since I have been unable to find the right replacement parts to be able to adjust the tension it was time to move on. This ended up being a great buy, with tax and everything it came to $287, sold my old bike for $50, my company will pay half ($143.5) as part of our fitness program and I got $14 back from ebates so my total our of pocket will be $79.50. I was drooling over the Peloton but that is no where in the budget.

The bike was super easy to put together probably took longer to get all the wrapping and taping off, attach legs, pedals, handle bar and seat that's it, making in one big piece.

Workout this morning was Cathe's Xtrain Chest Back and Shoulder which I did a time saver for 36mins instead of 51mins then I hopped on the bike and did 30mins with Global Cycling Network, it felt great to be able to adjust the tension and get in a most better spin.

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