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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Funny, did Ripped with Hiit Lift it Back Biceps and Shoulders today and I didn't really remember any of the workout, it must have been awhile since I did it. I am still trying to limit my Strength work to 30-45mins which means since I was required to do BBS and also Abs which comes to about 62mins, I did the time saver workout without finishers, instead of the finishers, abs were done instead. The good part about doing the abs workout broken up was that I was able to do them with much better form.

Last week of Runerval 7.0 Workout B, the goal was to keep increasing the distance ran in the 30mins, I am not increasing the max speed which stayed at 7mph (5k pace) the main objective is to reduce the time spent at recovery pace 3-4mph) and get back up to base pace (5.5mph) right away. I felt pretty good with the run and very happy with the progress I made.

Week 1 - 2.67 miles (avg. 11:13 pace)
Week 2 - 2.74 miles (avg. 10:58 pace)
Week 3 - 2.87 miles (avg. 10:27 pace)     so not a bad improvement.

Very cold here but always thankful when no snow or snow when am home or at work only, really hate driving in it.

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