Miles to Health

Monday, January 18, 2016

Baby it's cold outside, woke up this morning to 9 degree with a gusting wind making it feel like -16 but thankfully the predicted heavy snowfall didn't happen. Happy MLK day, I did have to go to work but limited traffic since most places were close.

On schedule today was Cathe XtrainTabatacise, this is none stop heart pumping plyo from start to finish, I still believe the first 2 rounds are the hardest, by the time you get to 3- 5 that are somewhat easier you are spent and feel miserable, oh yes bring on the recovery, what step blast, funny they did help push the misery out of the legs.

I have been lacking in my easy run and mileage is no where near where they should be, so even thou I wasn't feeling I decided to just go ahead and walk for time on my feet. Mile 2 I changed to 1/2 mile walking and half mile running, increasing both paces, before I know it 6 miles done and I felt great. 6 weeks to New Orleans and this is the least prepared I have ever been.

Contemplating running the Buzzard 50k, did the 25k last year, it was cold, icy and a complete mud fest but oh so much fun when I thaw out anyway.

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