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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Note to self, Hard Strikes is not a good workout to do before a long run, while doing this workout on Friday my ankles were worked hard from all the jumping jacks, kicking,& side to side moves then the conditioning took a hard hit at my shoulders, which meant doing my long run my legs felt like brick and I could barely move my shoulders.

Had a 7:30am dentist appointment, the original plan was to drive over to covered bridge to get in hill repeats but then the light drizzle and snow started and I doubt I will get a good workout, so headed off to Egbert knowing there will be enough hills to rival a hill repeat. I was really surprise that there was hardly anyone out, ran into Jerry W who was running trails and I was running the multi purpose path with out path crossing off and on.

I started at Egbert and ran down to Linda's Fall trail head for 4.5 miles, I hate being on this part of the trail  by myself since It is somewhat isolated. At about mile 5, my legs felt very heavy I was barely moving, I had to stop to walk and shake them out. The one good thing about the run was that my endurance felt fine, I wasn't tired but my legs are going to need more road long miles before New Orleans.

After getting back to Egbert, I went the other direction, which is somewhat flatter since there are only 2 hills on it, I went out for 1 mile and back, goal is to run this faster than the last 9 miles, decided not to cross the road but made a left to stay on Union Rd for the 1 mile, had to push, slightly slippery on this side.

In celebration of Michelle Obama's birthday, wore my pearls to wish her wll, #girlswithpearls

Sunday - Complete rest day

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