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Thursday, January 21, 2016

I took yesterday off as a complete rest day, my body needed it so I listened.

Today was Ripped with Hiit Chest, Shoulders and Triceps with abs no finishers so this comes in about 40 mins which was perfect, this workout is so much harder without the finishers, because it means 3 workouts, 10 reps/3 sets for each body part then abs instead of doing finishers after each workouts. The killer was plank jack workout after doing triceps, never felt my hand shake so much, not sure how I got through without face planting.

Last round with Team Clydesdale and Runerval 1.0, I wasn't expecting any improvement on this since I was already at max with the way I want to run it but can only tweak it by not dropping below base pace or increasing base pace which has a down out if getting too tired and dropping down after a hard interval. I did feel pretty good doing this but the weight workout really kicked my butt.

So how did I process with Runerval 1.0 (35mins)
 Week 1: 3.29 miles (avg pace 10:38) 
Week 2: 3.34 miles (avg. pace 10:29)
Week 3: 3.35 miles (avg pace 10:26)        not too bad at least headed in the right direction

My mileage is quite low for marathon training and I really need to kick it up for the next 5 weeks to stay on track but love how my body is feeling although right now weight is not bulging but body is getting firmer.

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