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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Yesterday was a nice 7.26 miles trail run with Shelby at Hudson Park, this is a 1.8 mile loop that we did 4 times, there was a group of hikers on the trail that started just a little bit after us and it was interesting seeing them 3x since we were changing direction. This is a great place to run and it quite challenging with the hills, but requires no think since you are just looping around, with you passing your car every time also no need to carry water and there is a bathroom available although now close for the season but there are porta potty. Was surprise we did this as fast as we did for a 10:23 average pace due to all those hills but my legs did feel good.

Today, was the graduation run for Black Girls Run, Walk Before you Run program, goal was to get the ladies running the 5k with minimal walking except for the walking group. Experienced runners were buddy up with 1st timer and I had two ladies to hang out with, this was such an incredible experience since my 1st 5k was 8 years ago it was great experiencing a 5k through the eyes of a runner, the anxiety, doubt, apprehension , can I or can't I but just like anything in life, one step at a time.

The Reindeer 5k was a great beginner's course in Lakewood, fast and flat also out and back, which means by the time we got to mile 1 the front runners doing a 17mins+ 5k were coming towards us, miles 1 and 2 were just about across from each other, we were going about a 13+min/mile.

My runners were suppose to be about the same pace but one seem stronger so wanted each to tun their own pace, so went back and forth between the 2 which was great since I got a chance to sprint and workout some of the caffeinated energy I was harboring. They both did great shattering their time goal and finishing with a sprint, to do a 5k and not huff and puff was heavenly, this is the way to do it :) I will like to return to this course to really run a 5k since it is nice and flat and scenic, no crowd support but not really needed.

With all the back and forth I did about 4.5 miles, I also went back to bring in the last walker, just because I had so much energy, it was a great time a nd I was very proud of all the ladies, 100+ ladies started and about 40+ did the race, not that we had so many dropouts, with this being Sunday and a 9am people had to go to church the only reason am able to make it is this is Communion Sunday and we go to the evening service for communion.

Have a great week

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