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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Got my Runervals yesterday and decided to spend some time with Coach Troy today.

Started off with Chalean Extreme (CLX) Push 2 this I like only 8 reps and not compound moves, just straight heavy lifting then Runerval 6.0 with Coach Troy, this was suppose to be 5k intervals but since am just getting back into speed that will be a recipe for disaster so did HM pace instead which still kicked my butt since I have only been running base pace

Program was WU - 6x2.5mins @5k pace @1%,2%,3%,1%,2%,3% incline- CD Recovery was only 30secs just in time for my treadmill to get here and then have to cruise right back up

What I did - WU - 6x2.5@HM pace which is 6.4mph@2%, 6.5mph@2%, 6.6mph@3%,6.6mph@3%, 6.5mph@2% then for the last one started at 6.4mph@2% then every 20secs took it up 0.1mph until I got to 5kpace (6.9mph@2%) then held it there to finish ( a whole 30secs ) - CD  Did recovery @3mph, there wasn't that much of it because by the time my treadmill got to 3mph it was time to go right back up

This seriously hurt in a good Coach Troy way, I struggled with the pace but it was doable. There are 2 other workouts on this DVD a 10K (3x6mins) and a Mixed 5k/10k (4x4mins), goal is to slowly work my way through the program.

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