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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

With yesterday being the first of the month and the last month of 2015, I was bent and determined to get a workout in despite waking up late due to my darling husband tossing and turning due to have a cold, still never understand why he always think I can't sleep when he can not. With only 20 mins, I squeeze in a nice progress 1.5 miles run in 15:28,  it felt good to test out the legs with speed, hopped of the treadmill a quick stretch, shower, got dress, grab coffee and was out the door running only 5 mins late.

Today, was a bit more relaxed so able to get a decent workout in but rest day from running, for strength was Chalean Extreme Burn #2, looking at my notes from the last time I did this workout I had a forearm issue with the heavy weights just because we hold them almost for the whole 38mins workout, this time was no different, by the 6th combo my left forearm was complaining so I dropped from the 25# weights to the 20 pounder, which is a shame since I was strong enough to do the workout.

After ChaLean, was 40 mins on the spin bike, intention was to do 30 but then I started watching a YouTube video on camera aperture, am learning more about photography since this is going to help with my side hustle business. Knowledge for today what  was the aperture does and what those f numbers means and how to use them when I take pictures. What I never understand and this is not just in the aperture concept but also in bead size, why does a low # means a small opening why does everything have to be the opposite, life is confusing enough as it is.

After the stress from aperture :), got in a nice 20 mins yoga from Heart Alchemy Yoga on YouTube, this was nice and gentle not really as much focus for the legs but lots of shoulder opening which was great.

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