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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Still struggling with getting to sleep on time, being menopausal sucks big time, when I finally fall asleep go to the very covers off, shivering, covers on, fetal position, ahh oh well

In order to keep Fall/Winter training interesting, I decided am going to use the Runervals for the Speed and Tempo workouts, I also think they will be more challenging/Fun (in a sadistic way of course) than me trying to do 12x400m

This is what am thinking

1.0 - Easy Intervals (Never quite understand what is easy about it, just as nasty as the rest)
3.0 - Cheetah Fast (I think the name says it all)
6.0 - Timesaver 1 (3-30mins Threshold workouts )
7.0 - Timesaver II (2 - 30mins Speed Workout)

2.0 - Treadmill Tempo (This one is just pure torture)
4.0 - Up, Up & Up (You know what this means, Hill Repeats)
5.0 - 10k Strength Builder (Mile Repeats)

So for today's workout, after doing ChaLean Push #1 ( am having to lower my weight due to my right forearm failing) instead of the 12x400 Hansons program called for did Runerval 7.0 workout C same as last week instead. My form wasn't great last week, so instead of using the Half Marathon pace, I decided to use marathon pace. This workout is 6x2.5 mins with 30secs recovery, after the initial 1 min at 6.4mph, then I jump to the HM pace with 30 secs to go, jump to 10K and the last 15 secs at 5k pace. This felt much better and I was able to have a much better quality workout, this seriously kick my butt.

Heading to Orlando next week and noticed a Half Marathon close by, it's tempting but not sure about and I also hate the idea of $85 for a HM when someone paid $45, still mulling it over.

Christmas 2006 in Orlando

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