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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Had an early work meeting today so had to modify my workout, oh hell who am I kidding will have modified anyway, although the modification still kick my butt.

Started things off with Chalean Extreme (CLX) Lean, I think the lean phase is my least favorite, slow, heavy and 12reps just kills. Today's focus was on Back, Shoulders and legs, compound moves with quite a bit of 1-legged combos. This clocks in about 39 mins, one of the longest.

So the modification, schedule calls for 5 mile tempo @ slightly slower than marathon pace (5.9mph) but that sounded boring so decided to hang with coach Troy, since I was short on time, only had 30 mins ended up with Workout A in Runerval 6.0.

Workout A calls for 3x6mins@10k pace @ 1%, 2% & 3% incline with 1 min recovery, of cause by now you know am going to adjust it, what I did 3x6 mins @ Marathon pace @ 2%, 2%, 3%. This was a no frill just get on the treadmill and get it done kind of workout, this was hard. Felt really good when this was over, the last 6mins@3% grade was a struggle, but I did recover quickly to be able to get back to base pace for the cool down.  I think I said this before if I can hang with coach thought the winter I will get my speed and more back.

Made it to work with 2 mins to spare.

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