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Monday, September 28, 2015

So with the challenge of not missing by a running sister, got out of bed ignore the legs did some great upper body workout, although I have to say I did feel pretty good, there is an hot spot on the left middle toe which is quite tender and the calves are tight apart from that can't really tell I ran a marathon. Ok back to today, this is week 4 of the Cathe's Xtrain rotation am doing but I switch the upper body for lower body, I will have to decide tomorrow if I want to do legs on not based on how I think the legs feel.

So, Cathe Xtrain Burn Set Bi's and Tri, even thou I don't care that much for parts workout, I am really enjoying the parts workout in this series, I love that I am able to go very heavy and now for a change actually seeing definition in my arms.

then to continue working out the kinks did 10  mins of vinyasa yoga followed by 15 mins of yin yoga, body wasn't really up for all those sun salutations so reason why I cut the vinyasa short and switch to wonderful yin.

It really may not have been cold enough but I wore my Akron Marathon jacket to work, yep that is how I roll, it was earned not given.

Life is Good, when the smallest thing brings smiles to your face and No a 5k is not a marathon

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