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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Akron Marathon #4

This race just never disappoint, I love everything about it, from the expo to the volunteers and all the beautiful people of Akron that set up aid stations in the front yard.

Met Shelby and Sheila at the Expo on Friday, this was a quite one since I really do not need anything but did buy a Honey Waffle since am out and got my left heel taped by Dr. Leo's office, it felt so much better and no issue during the race.

After work went to wine tasting at The Market place, then pizza and fried chicken it was early to bed, I slept like a log and woke up even before the alarm at 4:20, some butterflies in my stomach since I have really never paced anyone through 26.2 miles but just always did my own thing and let race day determine what happens but looking forward to pacing Shelby.

Perfect racing day, weather and crowd,

Lets do this, I love the new course I know people thing it's hilly but then that is the beautiful of Akron, but I love that the second half is in the city and not in the middle of nowhere so we got crowd support when we needed it.

Things didn't go according to plan, Shelby started having knee issue about mile 2, we was a trooper and got to mile 16 but I was concern about doing too much damage so we switch to a run/walk this gives her time to stretch out the ITB and move the pain out of her hip. Most people make the mistake of running harder and faster to get it done but unfortunately by mile 22-23, you may come to a complete stand still with the knee locking up, I really wanted to prevent that I know we can finish if we do a fast run then a slow walk, been there done that. 

For the run walk I love doing a 0.8mile/0.2mile ratio but the trick is to run till 0.6 then walk to 0.8 so that when you get back running you are clicking off a mile so it shows forward progress. We started out with the 4:40 pace group and Pacer Brett was great and with the run/walk we finish at 4:41:53 so we did pretty good. Had a great time with Shelby, I know it wasn't the race she was expecting but getting the bad one out of the way well it can only get better from now on. We both finish feeling great some stiffness but not walking backwards or funny, so on to Detroit.

So this complete the series, I really had  a good time doing all 3 races, love that the courses were different and experience unique.

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