Miles to Health

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

So since am in the funky recovery/taper phase, what to do, I always go back to the old stand by of heavy lifting, spinning and yoga, this combo gives my legs the needed break but keeps things moving. Also I had a twist to the heavy lifting this time around and think I really like it, although it is making me very hungry so have to watch that, the twist with the heavy lifting is doing one body part a day and since that is all am doing which is basically 3 types of exercises + a burn set, I am able to go very heavy, for chest yesterday I was swinging the 30 pounder for chest press and today used the 40 pounder for rows YEAH ME

Busy day today my Athena Ladies Luncheon, End of Month Inventory and and ISO audit, oh so ready to crash in bed.

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