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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Life continues to be a struggle with so much on my plate, am loving it none the less since I am doing things that I love.

I have to say recovery/taper is going great I feel strong and healthy, not sure what Detroit is going to bring but I am more than ready to face it, although looking at the course elevation I am amaze at how flat it is, the only true elevation change and that is an exaggeration is at the tunnel and bridge it is going to be fast but can  my ITB handle 26.2 miles of flatness, doing the best I can to prepare for it especially the right one, it just hate flat course since the first one in Cleveland.

Lifting heavy with Cathe's Xtrain is working very good with this phase of my life with just the minimal amount of plyo thrown in to challenge the joints.

On today's workout, Burn Back I was quite surprise on how heavy I had to lift to get the 10 reps in with some muscle soreness, for the 1 arm row I had to use the 40 pounder and I was still able to do 13 reps in the last set to reach muscle failure, for the double arm row I started out with 25s and switch to 30s for the 2nd and burn set, the only 1 I probably will never increase is the delt fly stayed at 8#, the angle is awkward and I know to do it safe and be efficient I need to keep the weight under 10 pounds. The core workout was a challenge but it was so more doable than the other one, oh I forgot to mention about tabaticise that is just a party in a box in a twisted kind of way, there is so much plyo and other challenging moves that 20secs seem like for ever and the 10 secs rest moves with lightening speed, sweaty mess when done.

For running, I continue to do this my way based on how my body is feeling, nothing I do will make me faster but something I do, can stop me from getting to the starting line, so I do fun stuff and today was no exception pulling out itread with Grace, I was thoroughly warm from all the other workouts so starting out fast wasn't an issue, it was a great mix of speed and tempo workout, couple of 6 mins intervals at Marathon pace and 5k speed for 60secs intervals.

Couple of races coming up this weekend so the running community here is buzzing, of course the biggest is Chicago, the  our local Towpath and I have a group of BGR sisters doing the Queen Bee HM in Cincinnati and Detroit is next weekend.

Do you notice that other events seem to only happen on the day you have a race, really people nothing the weekend before or after but everything stack up for race weekend and I always feel like am being selfish but I booked this race since last year, I've trained 24 weeks for it, inviting me to a function a week before the event means you do not think I have a life, too bad I do and I pick me.

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