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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Early morning meeting meant a shortened workout, since I am realizing I do need my beauty sleep and no matter how early I get to ,sleep does not come even those I am quite relax and calm, using it as meditation time which help quite the mind and short it down for the day instead of going through next day's to do list and goals.  All I got in was 4 easy miles before having to rush to get ready for work although scheduled called for 9 miles, oops


Kelly Coffey Meyer Slim Sculpting Swing + Lower Body Workout, been a while since I did kettlebell swings used the 16kg bell, great workout due to the reps, hard to go heavy which isn't the focus of the workout.

After wards the mixed intervals Brain Training for runners program called for 3k@HM pace, 2K@10K, 1K@5k pace and 800M @3k pace, I was off on all of them not by much but the rest was really short at 90secs, just enough time to take a really deep breath.

 After work was some miles with Shelby, boy was it hot and humid big difference from last week, we went to the Meadow loop in Munroe Falls I think this is a favorite location for me since it is a 2 mile loop with multiple running surfaces, grass, dirt, asphalt, wood and the scenery is nice. We really were feeling it but talked ourselves from 2-4 then 6 before calling it a day. Today was also my first encounter with a snake on this course and I think we scared each other.

Life is good, no heel pain after this run.

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