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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Blue Line Run

Left heel is much better but with a twenty miler on Saturday decided to spend the morning with Travis instead doing Yin Yoga, I always love the way I feel after a session of Yin and Travis is just one of the best love the sequencing.  

Not really the best of preparation for a 20 miles run with a 12:30am call from work which meant I couldn't get back to sleep and the alarm went off at 5:30am which I snooze till 5:55am with a bolt leap from bed since I was going to be running late, well made it just in time getting there are 6:56 for the 7am start. Nothing says fun like hanging with almost 500 of your running BFFs and it is not a race, Shelby found me with no issue and we were off together after a quick stop at the restroom.

My plan was to take this easy, no point beating my self up, suppose to be base pace not marathon pace so had to reign Shelby in a bit to keep the pace easy. Love the new course, I find it interesting people are complaining about the hills in the first 12 miles which to me where easy, gentle and rolling compare to slamming in a big old uphill grind at mile 17+ of the marathon, after running 5+ miles on the flat boring towpath of the old course. I love that the new course have a great support for the last 10+ miles of the marathon when it is most needed, I can't wait for race day, I think this is going to be interesting not to just keep things moving this is when the are we there yet mentality start and I want to stop training.

 We are so happy to be done

Feeling better after a haircut/color and shower, now for some food with my visiting niece. Heel feels tight but not too painful.

Feeling better and refresh, very minimal heel pain decided on some spinning and heavy weights to workout the kinks, just what the body needed.

Started things off with Global Cycling 20 mins Burn Fat Fast Workout

I really enjoyed Kelly Coffey Meyer Muscle up the shortened total body workout that I did Friday so pulled it out again for today's workout.

Grateful for another day of being able to do what I love doing, Life is Good, count your blessings.

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