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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Just a Quick Post, seem to be worn out not sure from what, so heading to bed early.

Thursday -Kelly Coffey Meyer Shape up weighs only, I think this so much harder without the cardio in between and it also was hard to go heavy since reps were long

 Afterwards was Sufferfest Revolver, if this is done right 1 min felt like eternity, funny that the 1 min recover seem to fly by, but I love this workout, love looking at the form of the elite, how smooth they land and move. The complied races use is perfect and that dash by Bolt just propel you forward.

Friday - Iron Core Kettle bell Bootcamp, I have actually owned this DVD for over a years now and never did it, not sure why but it was perfect for today, I just dilly dally all morning long not sure what I want to do, felt fine, nothing hurts but must be suffering from lack of sleep. After wards was an easy spin, did consider a sufferfest but wanted to watch some eBay youtube videos

Saturday - In the workout front, didn't do much, just made myself do something, even thou I was dressed I knew I wasn't running at 9am with the temps at 80 degrees and 82% humidity, so clean the house, cook, sort clothes then eventually around 11:30 went to the basement and got in the Iron Core #2. I felt so much better as the DVD moved along, this was 3 circuits of 6-8 workouts but I like that she moved things around in the circuit instead of just doing the same thing for the 3 circuit like yesterday. Love the workout not to get ready for my family, love seeing my sister and her kids, also glad to have Ms. B back in town.

Me and my baby and we match

Life is Good, time with family-Priceless

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