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Saturday, August 1, 2015

When you wake up wondering what you did the day before, once you get out of bed you know exactly what you did, in college this was too much partying so movement of the head sent the world swinging but now a stretch of my hand above my head told me I lifted heavy ouch.

Yesterday's workout was Cathe Ripped with Hiit Lift it Chest, Shoulders and Triceps, use 25 pound weights for the Chest workout but dropped to 20s, those finisher pushups were killing me, absolutely love this workout. For some cardio effect I did a 10mins Cardio workout from Moms in Fitness on you tube
this was a very quick efficient workout, great for add on. To finish things off I pulled out Travis Sweet and Short Yoga, this was a big mistake, my shoulder was fried from Cathe's workout and all those sun salutations were pure torture but oh so beautiful, I just so enjoy p[practicing with Travis, hope one of this days I get a chance to take a live class with him, lots of sample workout also on you tube.

So today the schedule called for 1 mile warmup+ 10k trail run + 1 mile cool down, well my goal was to finish this run feeling as good as I felt on Thursday, I ran by feel and didn't look at my pace, I probably could have or Should have but I just wanted to feel good before/during/after a run for a change and it felt so good, this was a struggle but I held the pace as best as I can backing off instead of walking, felt good and it was such a beautiful feeling one which I haven't felt in a long time. No didn't hit the pace, was suppose to run 9:01 but did 9:20 instead, am happy.

Note to Self: No heavy weight workout before a hard run, my shoulders were killing me and when I lower my hands to give them a break my triceps kick in, oh boy some serious DOMS.

 Afterwards, Shelby and I sat under a tree in the parking lot enjoying the ice cold chocolate milk she brought me and talking strategy for the half marathon, she is so strong and if we get the pacing right she should have a very nice PR at the half marathon.

Got back home did some cleaning, color my hair and caught up on some reading and computer work.

This is a great start to August, Life is good, Love me

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