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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The schedule called for mixed intervals today and I decided to do this on the treadmill using Runerval DVDs, it makes it easy for me to have a better feel for the pace. I started out with Runerval Irongirl Workout A which is for beginner (am not really sure Coach T knows what that word means) I kept my pacing true to Brain Training for Runners assigned pacing instead of going crazy with Coach, after warming up doing the usual striders,
1st set was 3x1min with 1 min recovery - HM pace/2% incline , 2 mins base pace,
2nd set 3x1min with 1 min recovery - HM pace/ 2%, 2%, 3%, 2 mins base pace,
3rd set 3x1min with 1 min recovery - 5k pace/2% incline, cooldown - 30 mins total time.

Since am quite warm, skipped the warmup from Runerval 7.0 Workout C,
 4x30secs with 90sec recovery-All out pace/2%,
4x1min with 1 min recovery-3k pace/2%,
2x30sec with 90sec recovery - All out pace/3%- cooldown - 25 mins total time

Finish up with 26mins of yin yoga from Mark Laham yoga found on youtube short and to the point.

Had a great time at work, love working on new production projects, after work met up with Shelby at Silver Lake for some plans, I really wasn't planning on running 8 miles with her but felt good some fatigue wards the end but I felt good, did the last 4 faster than the first 4 so also happy about that but all at base pace.

This was a nice progressive run

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