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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Oh the pain from yesterday's workout upon waking, that overhead stretch reminded me right away what I did yesterday, I just love the Cathe Ripped with Hiit series, I know I have probably said this dozens of times. My chest is the worst , but no wonder based on what we had to do
3x12reps using 20-30# bench press +15 pushups for finishers
3x12 reps using 20-25# incline bench + 15 triceps pushups for finisher
3x12 reps using 15# flye + 15 decline pushups for finisher

Today was plyo #1 + abs #2

This is hard but doable just when you think you are ready to quit, it is time to move on to another torture routine and you hold on again. Abs #2 is weighted feels easier than #1 but then to bite later, my oblique are seriously talking to me.

Probably wasn't the best of idea to do plyo before my tempo run but I felt it was a good way to really warmup the body and also push a bit to runi on  tired legs. I dd skip the 1 mile warmup felt warmed p enough.

6 miles @ HM was slightly off pace, suppose to run 9:28 did 947 instead but still happy with it, only got in 6 mins of cool down since I was running late for work.

Life is good.

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