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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Had an early meeting at work so had to cut my workout short, since I know I was going to have a busy weekend and no chance of a run, I was planning on doing Saturdays run today but didn't quite get it all in but I felt strong and happy with what I did

 Cathe Ripped With Hiit Back and Biceps, I skipped the shoulder section since they are still pretty sore and I also was short on time.

I was able to get in 5 miles of the 8 miles required at marathon pace for Saturday and was happy about that, felt good but ran out of time.

Early morning wake up to head to Cincinnati with my Sister in law who came in last night from Staten Island, NY and Hubby, got everything done and was back on the road by 4pm which was later than expected since we had a 40th wife /50th husband birthday party to go to, we got back in time for a quick change into Nigerian outfits and grace them with our presence for about 2 hours before the party was over. had a lot of fun but was tired.

With my SIL flight back out at 6am we decided to stay up chatting till 4am when we dropped her off at the airport for her trip back home , we got home and crashed till about 11am

Feeling pretty good, went over to the basement and got in the next Cathe workout on the rotation

Cathe Ripped With Hiit Upper Body Circuit, fun workout that gets the blood pumping.

Then follow up with 25mins on the spin bike

Life is GOOD, let's see what adventure the new week will bring

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