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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Woke up yesterday again with heavy legs but decided on tackling the 1k repeats on schedule, got dress and got ready and actually got out of the house almost at a decent time.

1 mile warmup + 3x1k@8:41 pace (10K pace) + 1 mile Cool down, good thing it is recovery week and only 3 repeats. Warmup was questionable, I think I spent the whole warmup miles wondering how the 1k was going to go, Garmin was set so I just plow straight ahead without thinking about it, so how did it go 8:43, 8:33 & 8:57 better than expected in my opinion and happy with it. 68 degrees with 83% humidity

Got back in and did Cathe Ripped with HiiT Lift it Hiit it Legs, I skipped the warmup, felt like I was warm enough. Great to be back to heavy lifting and Cathe.

After work, despite my better judgement based on how I was feeling I felt the need to go running, check in with Shelby to see what she was doing and we got together at Munroe Falls Park to get in 5 miles, this is my first time on  this trail and I absolutely love it. My body basically woke up as the mileage increased, I felt good and strong despite the 90 degrees heat, this was a 2 mile loop on multiple terrain (grass, boardwalk, asphalt) did the loop twice then out and back 1 mile to make it 5. So glad I decided to do felt so much better when done.

My neck itch like hell from the bite, worst part is that I cannot see it.

Today back on the mat with Travis and Ultimate Yogi :Yin Yoga, absolutely love how I feel when I do this workout. Feeling so much better today, almost like my wonderful self, life is good.

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