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Monday, July 27, 2015

I think I take way too much time to get out the door to run, I can't really say it's dread factor I just hate doing the same loop over and over, funny that I have no problem running on a treadmill.

This is recovery week, which means this training session is fast approaching taper. I took yesterday off from working out but still woke up with some heavy legs today, I seem to be struggling with recovery or rather first 4 mile pain then heavy legs for the rest of my runs.

On schedule today was 5 miles, to get this in I ran every inch of my development, not sure what am going to do when I have to run 8 starting next week, may be half on road and half on treadmill. The run was a struggle seem to take a long time for my body to warm up, got stung badly by something around mile 3, back of left ear is itchy and swollen.Was able to gut out the last mile for a faster pace.

I feel I have been neglecting doing yoga, yes I love yin yoga but time to add more to the plate to get some fitness and flexibility back, so out came my favorite Travis Ultimate Yogi, doing cross training today even thou I only did half of the workout felt great, hoping am able to get back to a daily practice again.

Trying to figure out how to make it all workout, lose weight, gain muscle, be more flexibility but above all I also want to have fun, life is just too short.

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