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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Woke up to beautiful weather today aka no rain, only 85% humidity with legs like lead decided to go out and tackle my 4x1k @5k pace with 3 mins recovery, this time I decided to make sure I could see the pace on my Garmin so as to make sure I hit the pace been off with the last couple of runs and also decided no music, need to focus on form and breathing.

The 1st one was a struggle only to find that I was running too fast, 2nd felt good, 3rd was a complete struggle and 4th was fine, I also had the pace wrong for the 5k was thinking 8:36 but it was actually 8:41, I did look before I left the house so ended up with 8:09, 8:29, 8:38, 8:38 but most of all love that during the 1k run avg HR stayed under 165.

Finisher today was 20/10 Tabata for 3 rounds jump rope, then 4 exercise repeat twice using my ugi ball and for the 3rd round various KB exercise with 1 rep of walking planks thrown in. I am loving this since I am able to get a great workout in when short on time, I still use Tabata Workout  Music just makes it easy.

After work met up with Shelby at the Silver Lake Police station to run 7 miles on the Bike and Hike towards Burst Park, was sure how this was going to go leads still felt like lead but otherwise I felt fine, heavy downpour before we started but it cleared up and it didn't start back up until the last miles, the run felt good, had a honey waffle before the run and that may have helped.

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