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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Woke up sore this morning, looks like some dormant muscles got woken up with yesterday's run, despite the soreness I felt the need for a good workout, I changed my mind a couple of time wondering if just to do yoga but I needed more so ..

Pulled out Pretty Fierce Core Plyometrics, even thou this is suppose to be a core workout I think it worked just about every inch of my body was a sweaty mess when done, what's not to love 1 -legged burpees, walking plank to side plank to tuck jump, jumping jack plank to spiderman.........

Still on a high decided to do 3 sets of tabata workout, 20/10 using music/timer from tabata workout music on you tube, round 1 was jump rope, 2 was battle rope working the upper body and 3 was One handed KB swing using 16kg KB, this felt great, I think I am going to start using this as finishers doing different things.

Then it was time for the much needed yin yoga, did one to work on posture from Cassandra Fightmaster this was great as always.

Later in the day took a much needed nap, heavenly

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