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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Woke up thinking I should just do yin yoga only since I had an intense workout yesterday but getting out of bed and getting to the basement wasn't sure why just yoga, plan called for spin and yoga so decided on sticking to plan.

I an really enjoying the Global Cycling Network videos on you tube, music is great and workout is thorough, sweaty mess as usual, love it. I need a new spin bike, the knob on my bike is broken but since this is the original Johnny Bike not of the replacement parts works with it because manufacturer changed.

Then finish it up with a Quickie yoga from Paulie Zink, first time doing a routine from him, great quickieand very doable and different.

Really need to start doing a better job with nutrition, am finding with the intense workouts am not recovering as fast, 1 quick change is to eliminate the nuts till at least the end of the month, lets see if I make it.

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