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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday is  a mental challenge now that the plan calls for tempo runs, I made the decision to keep tempo runs on the treadmill for now just because I can control the speed better to see how I am really doing and also because it is just not fun going round and round in the neighborhood although I am okay with it for easy and speed workouts.

Today the plan called for 4 miles at 10k pace after a 1mile warmup at recovery pace, I did some hip stretch to open things up, actually did a modified Drop two Sizes RAMP workout, body felt good only trouble spot is bottom of left foot but been there a while.

Warmup went fine, reset the treadmill and started the tempo run I gave myself permission to move the pace around to get the 4 miles in, instead of running at 10k pace then stopping to regroup. Varying the pace worked out pretty good, went between 6.4 - 7.0 with a 2% grade, finish of with an average pace of 9:10 which was faster than the 3 miles I did last week at 9:15 and I felt much better doing this today.

For the 1 mile cool down, I varied the speed between 4.8 -5.5mph and the incline 2-6%, this was a nice way to finish off the run.

Back to the Tabata for my finisher and today was 4 rounds - jump rope, battle rope, Kettlebell and ugi ball, switch jump rope today to a lighter one my shoulders were killing me. Am really enjoying this.

While running watched the documentary about the Life of Marco Pantani, what an incredible talent and what a waste of a life but sometimes I wonder if the sport is to blame, last week I watched Champs which show cased the life of Holyfield, Tyson and Hopkins , their current situation after being one of the greatest. The sport of running which use to be somewhat clean now seem to be turning up quite a bit of doping elites also. Both are available on Netflix.

Have a terrible cold not even sure if it allergies, mold from all the rain or just summer cold, stuffed up and can't stop sneezing.

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