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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Seem to have difficulty getting to bed at a reasonable time when hubby is traveling, I tend to find multiple things on the to-do list that can be taken care of best when he is away, been very productive the last 48hrs.

With that said getting up  in the morning has been a challenge and may have contributed to the sluggish heavy leaded speed workout today, none the less gut it out and got it done, today was a repeat of last week's workout 4x1k with 3 mins recovery, it wasn't easy last week but I got it done, today it was oh so much harder.

The warmup went pretty good but from the 1st 1k the struggle was real, by the start of the 3rd my legs were done but I stayed with, to late to quit now only a 1k left to suffer through. The 4th actually started out fine till I encountered the dog and that jolt of adrenaline and faster pace run than usual fried the legs and it was a matter of hanging for dear life.

Somewhere during the 4th 1k, I was trying to figure out what the code is to open the garage door, not sure why this came to mind, but for the life of me I couldn't remember it. This sent me into a panic mode since I wasn't sure how I was going to get into the house unless I went to my neighbor to borrow their phone to call hubby to ask for the code. Luckily somewhere during the cool down I figured it out.

No run with Shelby after work today, I was able to get an appointment to see an ob/gyn today since I have been having pain in my abs and can feel a mass. After a vaginal ultrasound which was pretty cool since I could see everything in the big screen in from of me, it showed fibrous tumors and fluid filled cyst on my ovaries. From the measurement and size of the tumors, I am about 4 months pregnant, oh that really sucks but it could also be worse.Baseline measurements taken, back in 6 months to see how fast they are growing. happy it was nothing serious.

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