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Monday, July 20, 2015

Great time in Cincinnati visiting my son for his 20th birthday, so nice to see him and how much he has grown, very proud of the young man he has belong but then still my baby when he complained about all the bugs in front of lighted apartment door.

Got on the arc trainer Saturday, surprise to find an hotel with no treadmill and very few ever have a Cybex trainer so took advantage of it to give the knees a break, did an IClimb workout with Keith being a while since I did one of this then 2 rounds of tabata using free weights lower body for round #1 then upper body. WE then spend the rest of the day with the birthday price dropping him off after some shopping back at his place to spend the rest of the night playing games with friends.

Sunday no workout, since I got limited sleep due to the beautiful 360 restaurant on the 18th floor of the hotel we stayed in, the view from the 17th floor is awesome and the fireworks from the stadium was nice but the constant humming from the rotator was unbearable , it eventually shut off at 10:20pm but due to a private party it came back on at 11pm, after another call to the front desk it finally got shut down again, but it was back on promptly at 10am, really.

Monday after a late night of running around, woke up late but was able to get in an easy 3 miles and 1 round of tabata using jump rope and battle rope, it is hot and humid, can't complaint since we have had nothing bit rain the last couple of weeks.

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