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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cincinnati Flying Pig 4-Way Runcation

Going down to run Flying Pig was a big girl decision for me, the race was paid for and my hubby had to travel out of the country, even thou I go to all my local races by myself including the 100k/24hours ones this was a bit different I was driving 4 hours to Cincinnati and back after a crazy racing weekend. I did contemplate not doing it but then I figure out if I was single does that mean I won't drive to races, I know I was fine with the plane since I came to MCM alone.

Took a half day from work, went to my Athena women's luncheon and left from there in hopes of getting through Columbus before rush hour, I wanted to make it down to the expo also which ends at 7pm since I didn't want to deal with it in the morning, got to expo with 15 mins to spare. I didn't really do much at the expo just got my stuff and left since I wanted to see my son who was about 45mins away at college, after all the driving around, made it to the hotel around 10pm and was tired, really going to race in the morning, oh boy.

Well, woke up Saturday morning fresh as a daisy, I always sleep so good in Marriott beds, and the wonderful breakfast ladies had breakfast out and I decided on white rice and eggs with extra salt. They weren't kidding when they said all roads will be close at 7am for the 8am 10k start. It was chilly in the morning but it warmed up fast, lots of walkers, there must be a Galloway training school or something in the area, 5-6 people cluster around someone wearing a coach t-shirt telling them when to run/walk, also the start for the walkers (section G) was at the top of a hill, well they were having none of that they were mostly in B or C, after a lot of weaving around in the first 2 miles was able to find a good grove, finish the 10k in 1:01:28 for a 9:55 avg pace. Faster than I was expecting. It got hot fast.

The 3 & 4 way runners had gear check so I was able to change out of my wet tops and put on something dry, I was soaking wet when done. I thought the 10k had lots of people, the 5k had lots of kids, it looks like a lot of the schools had running groups for this very young kids 5-8 grade no cool teenagers. The kids were actually quite good but the problem was the over weight never exercise parents who decided to join them because of cause if little Johnny can do it they can do it too, except for little Johnny did train. The kids will run, look around no mum or dad then stop dead in the track, shouting for them. There were people walking in jeans, cowboy boots, holding hands. As usual the kids and most of the walkers were in the front, so quite a bit of weaving around and I did give up by mile 2 and just coast to the finish. 30:04 - 9:42 avg pace Great crowd support, I mean with little Johnny doing his first race there was grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncle. Start time 10am

I enjoyed myself on Saturday and was slightly concern about how fast I ran both races but too late to worry about that, went to the hotel, shower and set out to explore the city. Found a gem in Covington KY Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, I think I spent close to 4 hours there, studying the stain glasses and mosaic stone work,  if you are ever in the area, this place is a must see, pictures does not do it justice.

Met up with the BGR Cincinnati group for early dinner and was back to the hotel and in bed by 9pm.

4:30am rise and shine, I felt good nothing hurts, race start is 6:30am, most roads close by 5:30 no breakfast ladies this morning just too early, grab some coffee and headed out. It was chilly but you can tell it was going to be a hot day. I couldn't really get into my corral way too many people and I mean spectators not runners so got in where I finally found an opening, right in the middle of all the grooving walkers, had fun with them most were running the half for the 1st time. Just ran as best as I could limiting the weaving by mile 4 things open up a bit and when we separated from the HMarathoners things really open up.

I felt fine through out but was concern I wasn't drinking enough, I had my water bottle with me and drank all my accelerade and then switch to water taking a cup of gatorade here and there but for some reason my body wasn't handling the electrolyte properly, by the half way mark, my fingers were swelling and my side was hurting I know I needed salt and lord and behold at mile 15 there was crispy salty bacon, it was just what I needed. This is a very hilly course, lots of rollers even at mile 25+ there was a hill, I was fine with it, but a combination of the heat and hill was putting a lot of stress on my body, I was wondering how hard to push knowing I still had a 4 hours drive back home, by mile 19 decided to ease off and just get to the finish, mile 20+ there was a hog wash station with ice cold wet towels and water spray it felt so good. At mile 24+ I looked at my watch and did the mental calculation again, shoot I will have to increase speed if I am to come in under 5 hours, according to my garmin course was 26.58 ran the last .58 at 9:38 pace, 4:59:40 - 11:49 avg pace talk about cutting it close. I ran all 3 races with music, the music was 150-170bpm and I was using it to stay steady.

The crowd was great this is a true community affair, I mean everyone was out in front of there house, handing out something, playing music, cheering or just asking why you choose to do this. Highly recommend this race.

I didn't have that much time left after I finished, had to drive back to the the hotel, shower and check out. After finishing I realized my car was about a mile walk away, on the other side of the other stadium. On my way out of town felt the need to stop at Skyline Chili and try a 4 way, there was a $5 gift card in my swag bag. Ordered a small (spaghetti, chili, onion and cheese) , did not modify but not sure why all the cheese but it was pretty good.

I actually felt pretty good after the finish, nothing really hurt. The drive back home wasn't bad, I stopped after 1 hour at an outlet mall, never too sore to shop, saw some fellow runners there too, then another hour at a travel plaza to use restroom, I was drinking lots of water finished a 1 gallon jug by the time I got home. Drove the last 2 hours straight through.

Am so glad I didn't chicken out about going to the race, I know I could have only done the marathon but I will constantly wonder if I could have done the 4 way. I also gave myself permission in my head to quit if anything hurts, getting back home safely was top priority. #runflyingpig

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