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Monday, May 11, 2015

Rough couple of days with the allergies, I really do not remember ever feeling this bad from the pollen count, there was so much pollen, you can literally see them blow of the tree when the wind blow and most things outdoor are covered in a thick mass.

I was able to stick with my workout although did back off on the running a bit since I was so congested the long run on Saturday with Shelby was dropped to a 10k since I could feel the congestion in my chest jiggle and my breathing was very labored but did feel so much better after the run.

Sunday, did Pretty Fierce Lean out total body this was a great workout, all her workouts are solid but it will be so nice if this can be redone to include chapters so premixes can be done, quality is not the greatest which doesn't bother me much, but the voice over with the slight delay drives me crazy, also 2 of my DVDs have the wrong workout, what they are doing and what she is saying are different.

For mother's Day off to see my baby sister graduate from college, so proud of her, 6 kids and a full time job and she still got it done, going from being an RN to getting her Bachelors in Nursing.

Monday: Felt tired even thou I got a good night sleep, got in KCM Muscle Up#1 using mainly 15# & 20# dropping to 12# and 8# for shoulder. Got all the treadmill to run but wasn't feeling it so did and incline walk going from 2% @ 4.2mph to 4%@4.4mph for 3.1miles.

After work, put the Schwinn bike on the trainer in the basement, after all that work decided to do Spinerval 101 #1, oh have I missed Coach Troy, there is just something about the way he coaches that just make you push a little bit more.

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