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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Oh have I missed Coach Troy and his sexy shorts, I really need to get back to doing his workout on a more regular basis. I love how his program pushes me just to do a little bit more.

Today just to test out the legs for speed and hills, I did Runerval Iron Girl workout #2 (Intermediate)

After the warmup there was 3 sets of workout

Set 1: 5 mins long, speed 6.2mph incline starting @ 1% increasing every 1 min, I started at 2%, so first 2mins were at 2% Recover 4mph

Set 2: 4 mins, speed 6.3mph incline starting at 2% increasing every 1 min. Recover 4mph

Set 3: 1 min ON/1 min OFF, 7.2mph @2% and 3%

Then I finish off the run to a 5k running at 6mph

I felt pretty good, I have missed the speed and can't wait to get back to it, back of this run today was to push the body a bit and see how it bounce back because of the 5k this weekend and I know I was going to have a very busy day at work. No issue getting excited can't wait to see what my body can't do.

Taking a half day tomorrow and heading down to Cincinnati after my Athena Luncheon, could have skipped it but I love being in the company of all this powerful women and it is only once a  month.

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