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Monday, February 2, 2015

Well the weather report in the Midwest was not wrong, it started snowing around 4am yesterday off/on although more on than off, we currently have about a foot, should stop around noon today but luckily since it is not very windy they have been able to keep it off the roads, more expected and very cold temps.

Cathe Ripped With Hiit Plyo1 + 5 miles easy

I continue to say I think this is probably one of Cathe's best for runners, it does has it flaws but none the less almost a must have system for runners. Doing Plyo before my easy run, too easy to a new level since legs were done before running even began.

I seem to be coming down with something, neck and shoulder also hurting not from lifting but stress/illness bound been popping vitamin C all day, hoping to give it a short life but quite a bit of people had been sick at work.

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