Miles to Health

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Looks like I am fighting the virus bug going around, didn't get a good night sleep but feel rested and chugging lots of vitamin C.

Warmup from Cathe's Ripped with Hiit Lift with Legs + the first set of squats using 20# dumbbells, then after that move over to the treadmill started out with 800m @4.2mph then 2x3miles@6mph with an 800m recovery@4mph all at 2% grade. After the run move back to the weight room to continue the Lift workout, did it up to the 20mins mark then fast forward to the stretch section. Even thou the legs were spent, they responded pretty well to the strength workout with cardio blast.

I have been back now to using Pacific Health Accelerade Hydro during my morning double workout and it continue to work great for me, use it during and for recovery and body is responding fine , since I realized I was getting sluggish since all my workout are in the fasted state so this has helped put some gas in the tank to finish strong.

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