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Monday, January 5, 2015

More DOMS on the quads today, got up despite the fact that is was so cold, had to get the first workday of the year started on the right foot. Weather is now 9 degrees, didn't think we got past 20 all day but at least no significant snow so happy about that.

Got in D2S P2 RAMP + 7 miles easy run, I started at 4mph and finish at 5.4 with an average of 12min/mile, really hard to keep pace this slow but I find that my legs actually do feel great with them, I have had no problem with pushing the pace when I have to and the hill repeats when great so I am trusting in the training. Feeling like there is no need to beat myself up all the time, but the real prove will be going very on days off.

Started watching Sons of Anarchy today, can see why people got caught up in them like Jax so far.

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