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Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 weather is starting out has interesting as how 2014 finished off, started off this morning with icy conditions but with the increasing temperature which will top out about 50+ ended up with rain, luckily hill repeats didn't start until 10am which by then the rain has slowed and temps were above freezing.

Met the ultra trail group for hill repeats at the Everett Covered Bridge, didn't run with them all of last year and wasn't sure how this was going to go, was I going to be able to do the whole 2 hours running or what. It was great seeing a lot of running friends at the start and then the fun began, Shelby was able to join me for this and it was great pacing and chatting with her.

We did it, got in 2 hours of hill repeats(which included warmup and CD both under 1 mile) without walking, legs felt pretty good and endurance wasn't bad, had a great time running with the group.

Got back took off the wet clothes and did Cathe Lift it Hiit It Legs, this was a great leg finisher, I felt good today, got into the tub for a nice Epsom salt soak.

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