Miles to Health

Thursday, December 11, 2014

OMG my butt hurts, I woke up this morning to some serious butt cheek DOMS, not sure which one of the hiit workout did it but boy those muscles must be pretty weak, I have been stretching and massaging them almost none stop since I got to work, one of the advantages of a standing desk.

Started out with D2S P2 RAMP then 6.1 miles (5 miles at tempo) was suppose to run this at 6.0 but knew I wasn't there so instead after a 1 mile warmup @ 4.0-4.5 I started the tempo at 5.5mph with2% grade and increase 0.1 after every mile doing the last one at 6.0, this felt so much better instead of starting at 6.0 and stopping and starting, did a .1 CD since I really wanted to do some yoga and was running out of time. finish off with Core Power Yoga.

After work, met up with Mandy and Shelby, for the usual route around Cuyahoga Falls, I felt pretty good leg wise but the butt was still quite sore, got in about 5 hill repeats to get the usual 4 miles, beautiful night for a run.

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