Miles to Health

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Had a great time in Columbus for the wedding and was able to get all my running workouts in but did come back sick and tired. Got in 5 miles on Monday but it was mainly walking, took Tuesday off just felt so worn out and was able to get my workout in after a great night sleep.

Today's workout D2S P1 RAMP + 1 mile warmup and then 8x0.4miles(@7.2-7.0mph/2% grade) with 0.1miles (@ 3.0mph/2% grade) recovery with my foot pod still not working this was the easiest way to do the required workout of 8x400m/400m recovery, I know the recovery was short but that was why I did it @ 0.1miles instead of 0.25miles. Right hamstring is going to continue to need some TLC.

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