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Monday, December 8, 2014

JCC Turket Trot 5k - Boca Raton FL

This was one of my most interesting 5k, only got in 4 hrs of sleep after hanging with the family through the wee hours of the morning, got introduced to some awesome alcoholic ginger beer and found no coffee in the morning and none on the way since we were only 10mins from the start line.

Original plan was to run to the start as my warmup but all that went out the door due to the conditions above, but on a good note 4 of my family members got up and ran with me including my sister in law doing her first ever race.

According to the Floridians it was very cold, which translate to the sun was out and it was windy, less than 2000 people but this was a 7:30am start so not  surprise since this was quite early for a turkey trot.

My goal was 25mins, this was a stretch under normal conditions, and those described about made it more interesting, I decided to run as hard as possible by feel and see what happens, didn't accomplish my goal of 25mins but ended up at 26:00:05 which I am quite happy with since this is 1:34 faster than the last one in June. Plan/goal is to continue to work on speed while marathon training.

My in-laws also sleep deprived were nice enough to wake up and come out to cheer

Had a great time with the family and eating the thanksgiving fest after running a fast 5k makes for great times.

We spend most of the weekend walking around South Beach so only came back from Florida 1.5 pounds heavier, now to get back on the program.

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