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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Saturday, Shelby and I got to our run destination and decided going out for a run was going to be worthless, it was raining but since the temp was only 29, it was slick everywhere, we could get the run in but it will be us going for quantity and not quality, not worth it to me to do that.

So came back home and did Runerval 1.0 hanging with Coach Troy and The Clydesdale, I find it interesting that Coach calls this an easy workout, did most of the workout at the 10k pace and even for the final challenge instead of holding at base pace did 5k pace instead. Before the Runerval workout did, D2S P2 RAMP and Timed metabolic workout .

Then it was time to make a quick stop at my sister's place for her birthday party before heading to downtown Cleveland for an event at the Westin and an overnight stay.

Sunday, went looking for the Westin Fitness Lounge, I know they have been upgrading and emphasizing the important of exercise and sleep and great Fitness Lounges, well had to say this did not disappoint, probably the best hotel gym I have seen and I was like a kid in a candy store playing with all the toys and then when I found out I didn't have to check out till 3pm went back down after breakfast and nap for more fun.

Jacobs ladder is one of my favorite equipment and not found in too may places so extremely excited when I saw it and nobody was using it, oh I was in fitness heaven.

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