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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Didn't make it out of bed early enough today to get a decent workout in but salvage the morning by pulling out Drop 2 Sizes P1 Timed Metabolic workout but instead of doing a 30/30 ratio did 40/20 instead to kick this up. This is a nice sweat fest due to the limited rest and if you really push will get a great workout/

3 rounds, like I said 40sec of work, 20 secs of rest
Body weight Squat
Back lunges with a twist
Plank with touches
Kettlebell Swing 16kg

After work, with nothing short of pure madness, Shelby and I went for a run, temps were 23degrees but with the nasty wind felt more  like 11 and dip close to 0 by the time we were done. I was actually quite warm in what I had on, put another pants (old navy active) over the sugoi tight and they work just fine. We did enough hill repeats to get to 4 miles and call it a day. Oh this is going to be a long winter, what exactly happen to fall.

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