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Monday, December 8, 2014

Planning for Little Rock

So with the Turkey Trot out of the way, and almost 2 weeks off from running to give my right hamstring a break, notice a pull and some inflammation so took time off to heal it instead of ending up with an injury. The plan is to use the Hansons Marathon Training plan again it  worked great for me for Chicago and with the goal weather not having to do a 20 miler sound great to me.

According to my 5k time which means as far as am concern nothing when it comes to what I can run marathon wise indicates I can run a 4:11 marathon, my PR is current 4:29 and I did Chicago in 4:37, my plan is to setup my training plan, since I did Chicago in 4:37 am deciding on training for a 4:26 marathon well actually train between 4:10 and 4:26, I think if I run the easy miles slow and easy, I will be okay based on the speed workout I had been doing for the 5k and this program is a great buildup.
Since LR is a hilly course am going to have to incorporate some hill workout to build the leg strength, I will also be using Sufferfest: The Machine and also some of the Runerval DVDs for variety.

For Strength workout, Cathe new DVDs came in the mail today, so perfect timing with be using the HITT/strength workout in this series since they are short, I have also will plan to keep doing D2S RAMP workout and metabolic because I like the way the hips are target.

Love how my body is shaping up and weight continue to drop, still using myfitnesspal to log the calories and that is really helping.

This weekend got dolled up and went to Columbus to attend the Twin River Links Holiday Brunch

LIFE IS GOOD, need to start working on the visions and goals for 2015

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