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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Very cold today, with the wind chill we were down to -3, just too early in the season for this, I cancel our Tuesday after work run, training for a 5k and running in that kind of conditions just don't go together, especially since my 5k is in Florida.

First workout today was Drop 2 Sizes P2 RAMP and Timed Metabolic, a quick challenging working 40 secs of work and 20 secs rest, 5 exercise 3 rounds

Kettlebell Swing -16kg
Side Lunges -10#
Dumbbell Row - 15#
Back Lunges with shoulder press - 12kg
Thoracic Stretch

Then back again to Coach Troy and Runerval 7.0 workout C, did so much better today on this workout

warm with 3 - 30secs @ 7mph striders
4x30secs@9mph/2% incline with recovery @ 90secs @4-4.5mph/2%
4x1mins@8mph/2% incline with recovery @ 1min @ 3mph/2%
2x30sec@10mph/3% incline with recovery @ 30secs @ 3mph/3% 
Cool down

After work since there was no run did Exhale Cardio Sculpt Week 2 Day 1, this is such a good DVD that has lots of well rounded routine.

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